Dark Side Of David

a new book by Robert Swetz

About the Book

It will be around 4-6 months before my new book will be released and I want to form a small cult of people interested to learn more about the book while it is being written.

The idea came to me around 7 years ago and the more I hear of the sickness that is around our world, the more I want to do some thing to help certain children and parents.

Over half of the book is based on actual events and around 3/4 into the book it becomes very scary, sick and quite interesting.

I will be donating 50% of the profit to certain groups to help with the issues from this sickness.

This book will help children and parents of these children.

Once this book is complete, there will be a buzz like you have never seen in a long time. I really believe book stores will not want to carry it on their shelves. This will not keep me from publishing it because it will be self published and I can network myself like I am doing right now with this posted blog.

I am very excited about this book and I want to welcome all people interested in helping our children around the world!

Robert Swetz (Vegas Bob)