Dark Side Of David

a new book by Robert Swetz


Robert Swetz & others continue to work on “Dark Side of David” book 7-31-2010

Hello everyone and Robert Swetz and others continue to work on the “Dark Side of David” book and progress is being made.

Here is a photograph I took inside “Wallmart” today and I wonder how many of these “Missing Children” have been abducted by “Sex Offenders” and left for dead? I am sure there are a few of these children you see on the walls in some of these stores and it’s very sad.

I would like everyone to spread the word about Robert Swetz’s new book “Dark Side of David” and it will be very hard to put this book down wondering what may just happen to David.

I am having some t-shirts made to promote the book, and will be making many more several weeks before the book is released and after.

Robert Swetz (Vegas Bob) 7-31-2010

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